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By: | Date: April 12, 2016 | 15 comments

In the first part, we set up in APISpark the RESTful service we will use all along this article. We then deal with the foundations of the HTTP support of Angular2. In this second part, we will go further by describing more advanced issues. Defining request options Some data are common to every requests and […]

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By: | Date: December 15, 2015 | 4 comments

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) allows us to use Web applications within browsers when domains aren’t the same. For example, a site with domain wants to execute AJAX requests to a Web application with domain using HTTP. Using CORS isn’t so simple especially when you face debugging difficulties. As a matter of fact, […]

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HTTP provides a smart mechanism to manage formats of exchanged payloads. This mechanism is responsible for selecting the appropriate representation when servicing an HTTP request. This feature is called content negotiation or CONNEG. In this post, we will describe how to use it, as well as the different headers involved and the possible status codes […]

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By: | Date: November 16, 2015 | 2 comments

Last week, I had the chance to present at the Devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium, one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe, gathering over 3500 developers each year. This year, I talked about the never-ending debate on REST API design, covering quickly the basics of REST, and then moving on to HTTP verbs and […]

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Today Restlet joined the Open API Initiative (OAI) as a founding member. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, this new initiative is an unique opportunity for the API community to unite around a common API language that will facilitate the integration among various API tools offered by both open source projects and commercial vendors. Being part […]

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RESTful services are completely independent from clients. That means that services aren’t aware of clients that will use them and can be potentially consumed by different client kinds like applications and UIs. In the case of UIs, you need to take into account permissions in order to only provide the actions users can actually use. […]

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One thousand hackers sprinted for 24 hours to take home $85,000 in prizes for the best use of APIs. Some of the world’s largest companies spent all night trying to convince developers to use their API to build amazing things.

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Guillaume Laforge, our Product Ninja and Advocate, will be speaking at JavaOne about the Groovy programming language and REST API tools and libraries. He’s been selected as one of the “featured speakers” of the conference. If you’re using Restlet Framework, Restlet Studio or APISpark, don’t hesitate to tell Guillaume about it, he’ll be more than […]

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Vim vs Emacs has always been a rather fun debate (but ultimately Vim will always win, of course), and the proof of the pudding is that there’s a REST console plugin for Vim! Under the hood, it’s using cURL for interacting with those Web APIs. But just as I tweeted about this REST support in […]

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Should every company consider providing an API wonders Arnaud Lauret (alias API Handyman), yes he answers, on Nordics API blog, debunking common myths around APIs, and detailing what companies have to gain by opening up APIs. Mike Amundsen interviews Swagger founder Tony Tam on InfoQ. Manfred Bortenschlager shares one of the last posts of his […]

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