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Seems that you enjoyed the first edition of “this week in API land”? So let’s continue on our journey to share interesting API related content! First of all, I’d like to start with birthday wishes! cURL just turned 17 last week! All API developers have come to be pretty intimate with cURL when interacting with […]

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The venerable cURL command-line tool to interact with URLs throughout various protocols just turned 17 last week. Daniel Stenberg, the creator of cURL, is still to this day the leader of the project, showing an amazing track record, and gives an interesting overview of the cURL story on his blog. Daniel started cURL when Open […]

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A Web API corresponds to an application programming interface that can leverage the Web technologies to execute processing and manipulate data. Modern Web APIs follow the REST principles to be as easy to use and lightweight as possible. Typically it provides a set of resources that exchange representations. Far from being a high level guide, […]

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By: | Date: March 02, 2015 | 5 comments

Several years ago, while networking within the Open Source ecosystem in France, I met Jérôme Louvel with his Restlet Framework.  I’ve been following what he’s built on the theme of APIs ever since. Recently, I was blown away by what the amazing APISpark platform and the Restlet Studio have to offer to developers, as well […]

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I’m pleased to announce that Guillaume Laforge, well-known Java Rock Star, and project manager for Groovy, has joined Restlet to help accelerate the evolution of API tools that are critically needed by software developers. The Groovy ecosystem and community are extremely vibrant.  In 2014, Groovy was downloaded 4.5 million times.  Restlet plans to use Groovy […]

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DynArchi, a dynamic architecture and storage application for cinema and audiovisual, organizes audiovisual post-production with APISpark. Palo Alto, Calif., February 18th 2015 – Restlet, creators of the most widely deployed framework for APIs, today announced that Mikros Images and Orfeo has selected Restlet for the DynArchi project, a dynamic architecture to archive movies, documentaries and […]

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Happy New Year. I’ve been involved with professional API development for 15 years and have never seen more excitement in the API Economy. If you’re an API developer, congratulations. Your skills will be in high demand as businesses offer more jobs at higher salaries. If you’re new to API development, I suggest it’s time to […]

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Move by businesses to API-first approach for mobile and multi-device development ignite open source community improvements to world’s most popular REST API framework Restlet, creators of the most widely deployed framework for APIs, today announced the general availability of Restlet Framework 2.3, their flagship open source project that is widely used by developers to create […]

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Nine months after release 2.2, the whole Restlet team is proud to announce Restlet Framework 2.3 and our roadmap for 3.0 ! Besides keeping the framework editions and dependencies up-to-date this version vastly enhances the framework capabilities in terms of API documentation and management beyond its initial implementation and consumption focus. This version is also the […]

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Restlet was once again a proud sponsor of the APIdays conference in Paris. Last year we were there to announce the public beta of our APISpark platform, which is now generally available, and this year we announced the availability of a new product: Restlet Studio, a lightweight IDE to design APIs. More details on this […]

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