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May 23rd, is a special day: it’s Java’s 20th anniversary! Born in 1995, initially called Oak by its inventor James Gosling from Sun Microsystems, it was initially targeting interactive television, but progressively moved to greener pastures, with the (in-)famous Applets, and its motto “Write Once Run Anywhere”!

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Guillaume Laforge, of the Groovy programming language project fame, who recently joined Restlet, is making the show at Devoxx France next week with 4 presentations!

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On the 4th of November, I presented a session on REST, Restlet and our port to GWT at the local JUG (Paris Java User Group). More than 200 juggers attended, with a first part on GWT presented by Didier Girard, from onGWT. Eric Le Merdy, from Valtech, very creatively illustrated the presentation. Here is our […]

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I would like to encourage you to have a look at frevvo, a Web start-up launched by some friends, that provides a full solution to handle complex Web 2.0 forms, right from your browser. One of their strong selling points is the great form designer available as a Web application (AJAX based). Also, the form […]

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As reported by Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, the JSR 311 was approved by the JCP Executive Committee for development. The results of the vote are also available here. Following a request from Apache, the name of the JSR is now “Java API for RESTful Web Services”. You can check a comprehensive list of posts following the initial […]

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As the Java community is increasingly using REST to develop their Web applications, Sun Microsystems is proposing to specify a high-level REST API for Java. If accepted for development by the JCP Executive Comitee, this JSR#311 will formalize as a set of Java 5 annotations to facilitate the exposition of Java objects as REST resources. […]

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InfoQ has done a great interview from Tim Bray (director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, co-inventor of XML). He has a pleasing, enthusiastic and frank tone, which we tend to miss in the Java community. There is also a transcript available. Highly recommended.

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In a previous post, I tried to answer to this question: “Will Java EE 5 bring REST to Java”. On one hand I felt happy with the adoption of some REST concepts within Java EE 5 and its first coverage at a JavaOne conference. On the other hand, the current attempt to retrofit REST into […]

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I’ve been wondering for years about the reasons of Java’s failure in the Web browsers. Initially, we thought that it was due to Java performance and that improvements in the JVM (JIT, hostspot), faster processor and larger memories would finally allow Java Applets to live up to their promises. Unfortunately, we were wrong again. As […]

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I’ve recently met Henry Story who is working for Sun Microsystems on many interesting technologies such as the Semantic Web and the Atom syndication standard. After reviewing the Restlet project, he was kind enough to publish a note about it on his blog: Restlets, the next thing after servlets? This note started an interesting discussion […]

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