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Seems that you enjoyed the first edition of “this week in API land”? So let’s continue on our journey to share interesting API related content! First of all, I’d like to start with birthday wishes! cURL just turned 17 last week! All API developers have come to be pretty intimate with cURL when interacting with […]

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The venerable cURL command-line tool to interact with URLs throughout various protocols just turned 17 last week. Daniel Stenberg, the creator of cURL, is still to this day the leader of the project, showing an amazing track record, and gives an interesting overview of the cURL story on his blog. Daniel started cURL when Open […]

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We have been hearing from first-time users of the Open Source Restlet Framework that it was not always easy to figure out what to download when you were new to the concept of REST API development. And indeed, Restlet Framework comes in 5 editions, it can be installed locally through a Zip download, you can configure […]

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As key players in the world of APIs, with our APISpark platform for managing APIs, our Restlet Studio to craft APIs and with the Restlet Framework to build restful Web APIs, we’re watching with passion what’s happening in the land of APIs. And we’re coming across interesting articles, blog posts, that we found valuable to […]

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A Web API corresponds to an application programming interface that can leverage the Web technologies to execute processing and manipulate data. Modern Web APIs follow the REST principles to be as easy to use and lightweight as possible. Typically it provides a set of resources that exchange representations. Far from being a high level guide, […]

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By: | Date: March 02, 2015 | 5 comments

Several years ago, while networking within the Open Source ecosystem in France, I met Jérôme Louvel with his Restlet Framework.  I’ve been following what he’s built on the theme of APIs ever since. Recently, I was blown away by what the amazing APISpark platform and the Restlet Studio have to offer to developers, as well […]

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I’m pleased to announce that Guillaume Laforge, well-known Java Rock Star, and project manager for Groovy, has joined Restlet to help accelerate the evolution of API tools that are critically needed by software developers. The Groovy ecosystem and community are extremely vibrant.  In 2014, Groovy was downloaded 4.5 million times.  Restlet plans to use Groovy […]

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Justin Karneges, CEO of Fanout, stood up in front of 50 developers at a recent API Craft meetup in San Francisco and painted a picture of a world where APIs pushed data to recipients in realtime.  In Justin’s vision, news, stock information, chat, collaborative tools, and games will all be handled with a realtime API […]

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Happy New Year. I’ve been involved with professional API development for 15 years and have never seen more excitement in the API Economy. If you’re an API developer, congratulations. Your skills will be in high demand as businesses offer more jobs at higher salaries. If you’re new to API development, I suggest it’s time to […]

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Integrates Visual IDE, Open Source Framework, and Platform-as-a-Service for Web APIs Palo Alto, Calif., December 3, 2014 — Restlet, creators of the most widely deployed framework for APIs, today announced the general availability of their API platform, that consists of Restlet Studio, the world’s first browser-based IDE for APIs, APISpark, Restlet’s recently launched Platform-as-a-Service for […]

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