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Integrates Visual IDE, Open Source Framework, and Platform-as-a-Service for Web APIs Palo Alto, Calif., December 3, 2014 — Restlet, creators of the most widely deployed framework for APIs, today announced the general availability of their API platform, that consists of Restlet Studio, the world’s first browser-based IDE for APIs, APISpark, Restlet’s recently launched Platform-as-a-Service for […]

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We’re excited to announce that APISpark has just won the DataWeek + API World 2014 award for Most Innovative API Infrastructure Solution! APISpark was selected by crowd vote, where thousands of DevNetwork community members voted on the top Data + API technologies of 2014.

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New weekly competition alert! Win prizes worth up to $250. Sparky, our APISpark mascot, is already on his way to the API Strategy & Practice conference in Chicago and is sending us some pics along the way. Help us find him in these pics using your API skills!

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David Linthicum is an internationally known cloud computing visionary, technology innovator, and agent of change. He has been working with GigaOM Research for several years now.  In this report, he puts the spotlight on the PaaS market connections with web APIs, BaaS (Backend as a Service) and DBaaS (DataBase as a Service).

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Kin Lane, API Evanglist, has been in the technology space for over 20 years and wants to help the world understand the great value and potential that is growing in the web API market.

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The APISpark team is happy to report the launch of its public beta. The access is no longer restricted and you can sign up today to create your first API on! The launch was announced during the APIDays Conference (December 4th – 5th 2013) in Paris and feedback so far has been very encouraging. […]

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What an event! First of all, let me just say that as a newbie to the API arena, I found this conference to be full of valuable information and extremely rich in content. There were many industry-leading speakers. Jérôme Louvel, CEO of Restlet, was a speaker for the first day of the event and had […]

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Introduction The announce of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet last week was not yet another tablet launch in this already crowded market. This tablet came with a new way of browsing the Web using limited mobile devices, leveraging the power of the cloud in term of network connectivity, processing power and storage capabilities. The most exciting […]

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