- March 27, 2014

It’s been a year and a half since the 2.1.0 release of the Restlet Framework so we are proud to announce the release version 2.2.0!

In 2013 we were also very busy with the development of APISpark, our new cloud platform for web APIs based on the framework. Actually, we recently released APISpark 2.0 so feel free to try it out, there’s lots to explore!

What’s new?

Let’s step back and review the major changes introduced since version 2.1. For complete details, you can consult the related changes log.


  • Java 6 foundation
  • Apache License 2.0
  • Internal HTTP client and server now based on JDK Net classes
    • reduced size by 45Kb for org.restlet.jar
    • recommended Android HTTP client by Google
    • moved previous internal connector to new NIO extension
  • Added Guice extension, Google’s dependency injection library
  • Added Swagger extension (only JAX-RS API support for now)
  • Added Thymeleaf extension for templating
  • Added GSON extension, supporting Google’s JSON serialization library
  • Added HTTP PATCH method support
  • Added JSONP filter to workaround single origin policies in browsers
  • Updated Jackson extension to support additional media types
    • JSON, Smile (JSON binary), XML, YAML and CSV
  • Updated OAuth extension to final 2.0 RFC (preview)
    • added client support for HTTP OAuth MAC authentication
  • Updated JAX-RS extension with client support (not JAX-RS 2.0 based)
  • Updated OSGi extension with inter-bundle OBAP:// pseudo-protocol
  • Revamped User Guide with easier navigation and content update
    • most broken links due to Daisy wiki migration were fixed
    • “Edit” button linked to GitHub for easy maintenance
  • Converter exceptions are now properly transmitted
  • Added Javadocs artefacts to Maven repository
  • Updated over 25 dependencies (Jackson, Jetty, Apache HTTP Client)
  • Many bug fixes


Early in the 2.2 development, we also:

  • Redesigned Restlet Framework logo and web site
  • Migrated forge to GitHub for source code, issues tracker and devs wiki
  • Made contributions easier as modules are now regular Eclipse projects
  • Increased user questions answers via StackOverflow

What’s coming next?

Here’s a sneak peak of the enhancements coming in version 2.3. You can download the new version 2.3 M1 here.

  • Java 7 foundation
  • Web API documentation and management
    • based on APISpark and Swagger
    • supporting various API description languages
    • introspecting various Java APIs for REST
  • Jetty 9.1 (SPDY, HTTP client)
  • Restlet API refactorings and enhancements
  • JAX-RS 2.0 support (via RESTEasy embedding)
  • Mailing lists migration to Google Groups
  • Improved user guide and new tutorial

Check out the complete 2.3 road map here.

Major contributors

Thanks to all contributors including Abraham Kang, Alvaro Munoz, Andy Dennie, Bobby Sawhney, Brian Sletten, Carl J. Mosca, Cyril Lakech, Daniel Halperin, David Jorm, David Roussel, Dennis Mitchell, Dinis Cruz, Emmanuel Liossis, Florian Bucklers, Grzegorz Godlewski, Koen Maes, Ioan Lupu, Jason Guild, Jeff Plourde, Laurent Rustuel, Loïc Oudot, Luke Adams, Mark Kharitonov, Martin Grohmann, Martin Svensson, Neal Mi, Neha Saini, Nicolas Rinaudo, Peter Ansell, Ralph van Etten, Reddy Lakshman, Robert Fischer, Shaun Elliott, Shotaro Uchida, Tal Liron, Tim Peierls, Xiaoping Feng, Yan Pujante and Wei Wei Wang.

All your contributions made a big difference!

Additional resources

Changes log:

Download links:

Learn more:
Tutorial, User guide, Javadocs
A Field Guide to Web APIs by Kin Lane

For more updates:
Follow Restlet Framework on Twitter (@restlet_org)

  • SSL Extension is still on 2.2-M6, is it not being released for 2.2.0?

  • Michael, this SSL extension has been merged back into Restlet core (org.restlet.jar). Some classes in the previous SSL extension related to the jSSLutils library are now in the org.restlet.ext.jsslutils module.