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Restlet Framework 2.1.2 and 2.2 M3 released March 8, 2013

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We are happy to release two new versions of Restlet Framework along with the start of the public beta of APISpark.

Brand new web sites

The design of the project web site didn’t change for more than 4 years. It was time for a fresh new start!

During this redesign effort, we had several goals in mind:

  • Easier discovery of the framework
    • main features overview (with visual icons)
    • user quotes, first steps tutorial, FAQ
  • Cutomized download experience
    • we remember your preferred release/version and edition
    • customized Maven and Eclipse update instructions (TBD)
  • Improved documentation
    • migration of old wiki’s to new site (Learn and Participate sections)
    • easier contribution with GitHub MarkDown and Pull Requests
    • unified roadmap (old site and developers’ wiki pages merged)
  • Easier navigation between our connected web sites:
  • A more modern look & feel
    • based on jQuery
    • new logo!

Logo Restlet Framework

Please be aware that the migration of the old wiki content is still underway and that there are broken links and missing images. For those who want to help us fix those issues, please use the GitHub repository for those web sites and submit pull requests.

2.2 branch (testing)

In addition, here are the main changes made:

  • Added JSONP filter to wrap JSON representations as JS callbacks
  • Refactored OAuth 2.0 extension to a single public package (see JavaDocs)
  • Refactored JacksonRepresentation to merge the JacksonSmileRepresentation
  • Added Request/Response.flushBuffers() method to force IO flush
  • Removed old code deprecated in version 2.1
  • Added HTTP PATCH related methods to the ConverterService, ClientResource and ServerResource
  • ConverterService is now more explicit about errors, throwing IOExceptions
  • Refactored Role support to facilitate comparison, adding parent Application property
  • Moved TaskService from Application to Component, to share it between apps
  • All bugs fixes from version 2.1.2

2.1 branch (stable)

We also release version 2.1.2 fixing a dozen of bugs including:

  • Stabilization of the internal HTTP/HTTPS connector (more work needed)
  • IPv6 addresses support
  • XSLT Transformer and TransformRepresentation chaining

Recent contributors

  • Brian Sletten
  • Cyril Lakech
  • Daniel Halperin
  • Koen Maes
  • Mark Kharitonov
  • Martin Svensson
  • Neha Saini
  • Nicolas Rinaudo
  • Peter Ansell
  • Reddy Lakshman
  • Tim Peierls
  • Yan Pujante

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways.

Additional resources

Changes log:

Download links:


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