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APISpark public beta started! February 25, 2013

Posted by Jerome Louvel in APISpark, Restlet General.

After 2 years of R&D and following our announce of APISpark à GigaOM Mobilize last September, our team has been working intensly to complete and stabilize our public beta version.

APISpark logo

Today, we are very excited to launch it, starting with the initial list of persons who signed up to get an access to the beta. If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure to sign up here, first come first serve!

Road map

Starting this month, we will be progressively giving access to more and more beta testers, with new releases once a month. As illustrated in the visual roadmap below (click on it for details), we plan to reach 1.0 in May 2013.Road Map Until then, we want to get as much testers and feed-back as possible and make 1.0 the highest quality product possible. Please also make sure to share with us ideas for enhancements and new features.

Getting started

If you already have access to the public beta or if you want to see how creating, hosting, managing and using web APIs looks like with APISpark, we recommend our first article in our tutorial series.


If you have any question, you can freely reach us during the beta phase on all available support channels:

Early testers

Finally, we would like to thank all the persons who gave us invaluable feed-back during the project inception.

We can’t mention everyone, the list would be too long, but we would like to highlight the persons who test drived the product with proof of concepts and interactive demo sessions:

  • Alexis Menard
  • Guillaume Laforge, Groovy
  • Frederic Renouard, EIT ICT Labs
  • Jean-Paul Figer, ARMOSC
  • Mikros Image R&D team (Antonio Fiestas, Benoit Maujean, Guillaume Chatelet, Guillaume Maucomble, Michael Guiral and Thomas Eskenazi)
  • Philippe Converset, AutreSphere
  • SFEIR team (Aurélien Pelletier, Didier Girard, Salvador Diaz and Thierry Lau)
  • Stève Sfartz, Kosmos
  • Yan Pujante

Coverage (update)


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