- February 25, 2012

An exciting landscape

The past few months have been intense for our company as we worked behind the scenes to prepare the next stages of our development. Thanks to the continuous adoption of REST principles, the web API market is quickly maturing and offering us new opportunities.

A few days ago, the ProgrammableWeb directory announced that the bar of 5 000 registered APIs had been reached, with an astounding growth rate.

Our current goal is to expand our activities on top of the open source Restlet Framework in order to better address the needs of this API market.

Launching soon!

More concretely, we have been building APISpark since 2010 as an innovative PaaS product offering an all-in-one platform for web APIs, from creation to hosting, using a simple web browser.

Of course, APISpark extensively leverages the Restlet Framework but aims at radically simplifying the web API experience for both developers, managers, owners and users.

We are launching the private beta in the coming weeks and are looking for a additional testers and pilot projects. To join us in this new and exciting adventure, just sign up on the web site!

Restlet is our new company name

As we wanted to focus all the company on our open source roots, by both leveraging and strengthening the “Restlet” brand, we have changed our company name from Noelios Technologies (SARL) to just Restlet (SAS).

This change has no effect on the open source project which will continue to operate as before from the web site. The company web site will be available in parallel at

As big changes don’t come alone, we have updated our visual identity and relocated to new headquarters at ESSEC Ventures, inside the beautiful CNIT building in La Défense, near Paris.

Finally, Alexis Menard, an ESSEC student in Entrepreneurship has joined our team to help us on business development aspects for a 6 months internship. Welcome Alexis!

The road ahead

Beside launching APISpark, we will keep enhancing the Restlet Framework and even expanding it into a comprehensive Restlet Platform over the coming years, including new blocks such as :

  • Restlet Studio, an Eclipse-based IDE for either model-driven or Java-driven Restlet applications development
  • Restlet Forge, an open source build forge letting developers reuse the best of our internal build tools (multi-edition, multi-distribution, etc.)
  • Restlet Apps, an open source set of highly reusable and extensible Restlet applications for common needs (RESTful search engine, etc.)
  • Restlet Cloud, an online hosting service to easily deploy your Restlet applications, from Restlet Forge, from Restlet Studio or from APISpark

For additional details, you can read chapter 11 of the “Restlet in Action” book, which is finally entering into the pre-production phase.

Seven years after Restlet launch as an open source framework, we are still excited about the potential of REST and committed to our original mission of helping you realize your web ideas… thanks to RESTful web APIs!

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  • Andrei Pozolotin

    I am happy to see you guys growing fast;

    and your new logos rock! 🙂

    where can I subscribe to Restlet Studio?

  • Thanks Andrei! To keep track of Restlet Studio, the best place for now is this blog. For now, additional details are given in chapter 11 of Restlet in Action. Stay tuned 🙂