Atomojo: complete Atom Publishing Protocol stack

Alex Milowski has announced version 0.4.0 of his atomojo server, the first version ready for general beating of his APP (Atom Publishing Protocol) implementation.

This implementation is based on our Restlet framework. Alex also implemented a Restlet integration with eXist (an XML database) and used it in this project to store the Atom feeds. We are very happy about Alex’s initiative who brings high quality feed-back to the project.

There is also a simpler Atom extension planned for Restlet version 1.1 and we are exploring ways to share some of this code with atomojo. For those interested, we have already talked about Atom and Restlet in this blog.

Restlet’s extension doesn’t aim to provide a complete APP stack (with storage, administration, etc.) like atomojo, so there is a great open source collaboration opportunity here!

The atomojo project also comes with an APP client implemented as a Firefox extension. We encourage you to try out atomojo and send your feed-back to Alex.

Burton Group recommends Restlet

It was really amazing to observe how quickly the REST vs WS-* debate evolved in the recent months. From a frontal opposition that lasted several years, a new state of mind suddenly crystallized in our industry.

People are now seriously looking at REST, and WS-* is not seen anymore as the one size fits all solution. It certainly has its merits for complex SOA projects, but REST clearly wins for lightweight Web oriented integration needs.


Recently, I was pleased to read this post from Anne Thomas Manes, recommending the REST architecture style and especially the Restlet framework! Anne is Vice President and Research Director and has an impressive experience in Java, JEE and Web Services technologies.

Seeing her promoting REST at the Burton Group is an excellent news, especially when you see that they have a dedicated group of experts including Pete Lacey.

Update 1: Richard Monson-Haefel, also from the Burton Group, comments on Anne’s position and Pete’s merits.

Update 2: Peter Lacey has published the slides of his REST Workshop where he covers Restlet

Restlet nominated to prestigious Lutece prize

The Restlet project, represented by Noelios Consulting, was nominated to the Luteces d’Or 2007, in the category “most innovative project in the field of the Free Software”. This is the most prestigious prize of the French free software community, this contest is organized by the ASS2L under the high patronage of the Mayor of Paris.

The category was newly created for the 2007 edition but received the highest number of candidatures. Restlet was selected by a large and experienced jury, among 25 other projects as one of the three best. As a consequence, I was invited to the ceremony in the prestigious City Hall of Paris!

As you can see, they even managed to put a Linux penguin inside the Honors hall! The project didn’t win the first price but it was a great reward for the amount of effort that we put in releasing Restlet version 1.0.

A special prize was also given to the PloneGov project that I had a chance to discover by discussing with two of their representatives who came from Bruxelles for the event.

Hackystat 8 will have a Restlet foundation

I’ve recently discovered Hackystat, an impressive project that has announced its decision to use Restlet as the foundation for of its version 8. Apparently, the first steps in the Restlet waters went well!

“Hackystat is an open source framework for automated collection and analysis of software engineering process and product metrics. Hackystat users attach software “sensors” to their development tools, which unobtrusively collect and send raw data about development to a Hackystat web application for analysis and display.”The project is led by Philip Johnson, helped by his team of students of the Collaborative Software Development Laboratory, part of University of Hawaii. There are now active members of the Restlet community and will be a great public reference for Restlet when their version 8 is released!