It seems that we have a new friend with WOA. This new acronym nicely connects the REST style with the mainstream SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) term.

Even though REST is already describing the style that Web-oriented architecture should follow, the WOA term is more concrete and could help us democratize REST in the larger enterprises that tend to follow the “official” SOA trend, and especially the WS-* related specifications.

The term was originally coined by Gartner as a subset of SOA in this post:

See also the post from Dion Hinchcliffe:

My definition of WOA: an application of the REST style for building Web services based on straight HTTP and XML documents.


  1. Nicholas Gall provided some precisions as a comment to the original post.
  2. Ashish Deshpande from frevvo has an interesting follow-up explaining how to combine WOA and frevvo Live Forms to build lightweight Web 2.0 applications (RIA).
  3. Anne Thomas Manes jumps in: “WOA, ROA, SOA: When will it stop?
  4. Interview of Nicholas Gall: “Why WOA vs. SOA Doesn’t Matter
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  4. I think WOA is neither SOA or REST:

    – A WOA is not a SOA because it is not description oriented. Without a description language such as WSDL, publishing and subscribing to services becomes problematic.

    – A WOA is not REST because it does address “state transfer” part of REST. While I can see WOA works well in many simple cases of web application design, I believe it needs to be complement with, yes, traditional SOA, and semantic web technologies to solve complex problems, for one simple reason: not all service interactions can be modeled as CRUD.

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